Weekly Thoughts & Devotions

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” - Matthew 5:16.

This is a line from the song “5 More Minutes” written by Scotty McCreery shortly after the death of his grandfather. In the song he reflects back wishing for 5 more minutes of that good night kiss, his last football game and the moment his grandpa said, “there are angels in the room.”

We’ve all had those moments, regrets and missed opportunities but God’s word tells us man’s life is like a breath (Psalms 144:4) and we do not know what tomorrow may bring (Proverbs 27:1 and James 4:13-17).

This week consider each day as a gift and don’t go to bed reflecting on things you wish you had done. Call your Moma, give your children/grandchildren advice even if you think they are not listening, show someone you care. We may not have a PAUSE BUTTON but isn’t it great to know God has an ERASE BUTTON for our sins? Take 5 minutes and ask Him to hit it.

Mike Vaughn