Lads to Leaders / Leaderettes

"Bible things in Bible ways"

Lads to Leaders 2023 Theme: Rise Up and Build
Bible Bowl: Ezra & Nehemiah
Pearls: Building Godly Homes

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L2L is the oldest and largest leadership training program used by the churches of Christ today. It is a tool that each congregation can use to help prepare their youth and adults for service in the Kingdom of God and develop their overall leadership potential. The purpose of L2L is to help local congregations instill the word of God into youth and adult so that they will stand firm in the faith. Teaching students to do “Bible things in Bible ways” is the essence of L2L.

North Highlands actively participates in the Lads to Leaders / Leaderettes program. Our elders firmly believe in this program and attempt to integrate this program into everything we do as a church. With this program, we allow our congregation to be more connected, involved, and engaged with each other as we walk through the daily strides of life. This program is available with ongoing activities from ages Pre-K through Adults. This is not just a “youth” program. The whole family—and even the whole church—can participate, not just watch. It brings us closer together by crossing generation lines.

Over a quarter of a million participants have obtained leadership training through the L2L program since 1968. While many congregations are losing half or more of their youth, congregations that incorporate L2L events (especially year-round) are reporting youth retention rates of 85% or higher, ten years after graduation. What makes the difference? The year-round concept (L2L is not a one week-end youth event) and involving youth in regular study into God’s Word produce results. L2L is not just about preparing for a yearly convention.

We are excited you are interested in the program and invite you to contact us for more information!