L2L/L Convention 2023

"Lads to Leaders / Leaderettes"

Lads to Leaders 2023 Theme: Rise Up and Build
Bible Bowl: Ezra & Nehemiah
Pearls: Building Godly Homes

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The yearly convention is held at 10 different locations within the USA and now several internationally! We attend the covention at the Opryland Hotel in Nashvhille, TN on Easter weekend. We attend a yearly convention for our youth because it establishes a deadline for completing work. Otherwise, we all find ourselves not getting “around tuit.” The highlight of the year for many groups is the annual convention. Thousands gather to recognize the accomplishments of the past year and encourage future growth. Most of the work has taken place at the home congregation, but some events, such as Bible Bowl and Speech, are held at convention.

It recognizes and encourages. Over 100,000 awards are presented each year.

It raises the bar. Top-level young speakers and song leaders become role models for others.

It is spiritually uplifting. Thousands of boys and girls strive to learn better how to serve Christ. Events like Bartimaeus uplift us all as we see special needs adults and youth serve the Lord.