Leader Pledges

"Lads to Leaders / Leaderettes"

By: Dr. Jack Zorn, Founder, Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes

The “Leader Pledges” are integral foundation stones for the entire program. Each pledge is one aspect of the total development of the student. Students are encouraged to memorize the pledges and scripture references and then, through careful exercise, apply the principles in their daily lives.

  1. I am answerable to God and to society. (Matthew 22:21)
        Focus: To comprehend the relationship of the leader to his God and to people around him.
  2. I will overcome pessimism and live a life of faith in God. (Philippians 4:13)
        Focus: To see the importance of living optimistically by faith in a neg­a­tive world.
  3. I am fully responsible for my behavior. (Romans 14:12)
        Focus: To understand the necessity of accepting responsi­bility for attitudes and actions.
  4. I am responsible for my agreements and obligations. (Matthew 7:12)
        Focus: To comprehend the importance of keeping one’s word.
  5. I pursue honest work to meet my responsibilities. (1 Timothy 5:8)
        Focus: To understand the necessity of establishing proper work ethics.
  6. I honor and obey my parents and respect persons in authority. (Ephesians 6:2)
        Focus: To believe the importance and func­tion of God’s design for authority.
  7. I respect my body as the creation of God and use it for His glory. (1 Corinthians 6:20)
        Focus: To learn that we are not our own and that we should live to bring honor to the Creator.
  8. I choose for my friends those who enjoy doing good. (1 Corinthians 15:33)
        Focus: To impress on the student’s mind the importance of choice and example in regard to friendship.
  9. I lead in building character and in demonstrating integrity. (Philippians 2:22)
        Focus: To understand the need for being a leader in character building through demonstrating a life of integrity.
  10. I lead in second-mile service to others. (Matthew 5:41)
        Focus: To understand the importance of doing all that is asked and can be expected of you and then some.

We can see that the comprehension and application of these ten principles in and through the lives of our young men and women will lead to a generation of well-equipped adults, who present a dynamic force of moral righteousness in our society. It is to this end that we train youth to become Godly leaders.